Dear International visitors who travel to the USA,

My American Trip welcomes you to our website and the USA! Ever since we launched our project in 2016, we make it possible to come to the USA. Have a fun summer, help you cover your expenses and then travel to those amazing cities and natural wonders you only dreamed about.

Visitors who come to USA, whether it is first time or not, face difficulties on a daily basis and most of these issues, could have an impact on their further participation in programs.

My American Trip is there for you to help and give much needed assistance anytime.

We specialize in providing professional support to Work & Travel, Internship, Trainee, H-2B participants in wide variety of services, such as:


Every year, thousands of Work & Travel, Internship, Trainee, H-2B participants, tourists and local business employers are using our services and we are grateful for such an opportunity.

Please contact My American Trip with any questions or concerns that may occur during your stay in USA.