My American Trip


My American trips team operates since summer of 2016 in Miami, FL.

Our mission is to provide quality service and individual approach to every Work & Travel, Internship, Trainee, Au Pair, H-2B or H-2A program participant, to address all their needs during their seasonal program.

All these years we are proud to provide great service and bring joy to Cultural exchange or work program participants from every continent by assisting them with their employment, housing, transportation and travel arrangements.

In addition our center provides foreign visitors with variety of different services.

Our student center also specializes in helping US employers to bring diversity into their business and to solve the problem of labor shortages.

Many young energetic, smart and hard working people from countries such as Ukraine, Ireland, Lithuania, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Jamaica, Thailand, Philippines and from all around the globe, are employed in many types of seasonal jobs in the USA.

Thousands of international students, tourists and local businesses have been able to use our services during all these years and we are grateful for such an opportunity.

We welcome all International USA visitors and it is always a pleasure to assist new customers with our services.

Thank you!